Membership FAQ

  • SOS has Individual, Family, Institutional and Corporate memberships as described on the form. Click here to join today! The SOS Bylaws (here) explain the voting rights of each type.
  • Ontario Underwater Council (OUC) membership and Insurance are required to participate in any SOS sanctioned event. See the SOS Event Insurance Page for details of coverage and the OUC Frequently Asked Questions for common questions.
  • OUC negotiates insurance coverage and premiums yearly, so you can join SOS for up to 5 years at a time as an Individual, Family or Institution, but you are required to remit OUC membership and insurance every year if you wish to participate in SOS events.
  • OUC insurance and membership are not mandatory to be a member of SOS. Your support for SOS is very important and simply being a supporting member goes a long way to helping us meet our goals.
  • OUC membership and insurance is paid yearly. Any over-payment of OUC insurance premiums or membership will be considered a donation to SOS.  We have tried hard to make this as clear as possible, but a few still send in multiple years of OUC fees. We appreciate your membership, but can not extend OUC coverage for multiple years until the OUC does. We are their agent and as such must work within their policies. We cannot issue refunds, so please ask first if not sure.  Call or email the
    SOS President (here), your regional representative (here) or your local Chapter Committee Chairperson (here) if you have questions about what is the correct amount.
  • Students who join SOS to participate in an NAS course require OUC Membership and Insurance to take the course.  You will also require coverage if participating in an SOS survey project or sanctioned event after the course ends.  Therefore you must opt for the OUC options when filling in the SOS Membership form to take the course. Purchase the OUC Membership and Insurance Package.
  • People applying to SOS must promise to the terms of membership.  Although extremely rare, in accordance with the SOS bylaws (here), SOS may decline an application.
  • SOS membership fee, SOS Donation, OUC membership fee and OUC insurance amounts are non-refundable i.e., no pro-rated refunds.
  • Tax Receipts are issued for donations greater than $10.